January 16th, 2019   its pronounced lady

Ladii has drawn 182 drawings and authored 245 captions across 427 games. They follow 531 players and have 144 followers. They've earned a total of 2,441 emotes!

Dog Flies Plane to visit a friend in heaven Sep 28th
Kryten Sep 27th
PERIODT Sep 27th
Use all of the colors PIO Sep 27th
Bird watching goes both ways Sep 27th
You know I had to Kermit to em Sep 26th
Wooloo (Pokémon) Sep 26th
Cthulhu has Kermit head Sep 5th
Some Pokémon Aug 7th
Draw a Frame From a Cool Film You Like Aug 7th
Garfield eating meat Aug 6th
I see a little silhouetto of a man Aug 2nd
Kermit the frog Aug 2nd
sylveon Jul 31st
Saitama Dabs On Those Haters And Kills Them Jul 29th
Woman swimming with jellyfish Jul 29th
Free Draw Jul 29th
Berenstein bear about to kill you Jul 28th