January 19th, 2019   the hellhole that is the Camp Camp fandom :))

boopen has drawn 150 drawings and authored 205 captions across 355 games. They follow 52 players and have 44 followers. They've earned a total of 1,333 emotes!

Samurai with a boar’s head Oct 5th
Bliss, The Power Puff Girls' retarded sister Oct 4th
hey, gray human! :) Oct 4th
Bearded Mexican guy portrait Oct 3rd
Dragonair shooting water from mouth Oct 3rd
Vampire says, " I don't eat green! " Oct 3rd
Surgeon simulator Oct 3rd
dude accidently kills other dude Oct 3rd
Girl shrouded in shadows compliments me Sep 11th
Spongebob Tightjeanspants May 11th
Man gives okay symbol May 11th
Click the Skip Button May 11th
Purple Egg Man May 11th
a beautiful flying phoenix May 11th
mice May 11th
sad girl with black hair and white skin May 11th
homer is drowning D: May 11th
Naked trees in front of a polluting factory May 5th