February 6th, 2019

Darrian has drawn 147 drawings and authored 444 captions across 591 games. They follow 49 players and have 14 followers. They've earned a total of 1,090 emotes!

phone from 2070 Oct 16th
cacodemon Oct 16th
A is the best letter of the alphabet Sep 21st
Astronaut bison regrets life choices Sep 13th
Rectangular prism Sep 4th
kermit the frog in the desert Sep 4th
Minecraft has a sun block now Aug 31st
D suffers a psychotic break... Aug 19th
red angry bird Aug 18th
Trapped in an elevator Aug 18th
parry the platypus Aug 13th
blue squid wearing glasses on top machine Aug 4th
Helicopter flying over the sunset Aug 4th
Be outside the box Jul 31st
Sun destroys a snowman Jul 16th
Gaston Shocked by Belle's Choice of Husband Jul 16th
Chuck E Cheese is Freddy's true father Jul 9th
Finding a Golden Axe in class Jul 5th