Melee Luigi 2

February 13th, 2019   The Mushroom Kingdom Void

Melee Luigi 2 has drawn 142 drawings and authored 139 captions across 281 games. They follow 29 players and have 59 followers. They've earned a total of 1,195 emotes!

Corn in a Fire Aug 7th
Knight holding a gun. Aug 5th
Peacock collecting Bagel Apr 23rd
BULGE-aria Apr 22nd
I need a monstah to clobbah that there KIRBY! Apr 22nd
Happy Monday! Apr 22nd
Shrekophone Apr 19th
1950's Peacock Apr 22nd
Pieception Apr 14th
Uno Reverse Card Apr 16th
It is Wednesday, my dudes Apr 15th
Garfeild Gameboy'd Apr 16th
Dr. Eggman has the chaos emeralds Apr 16th
UNO Apr 14th
When mom finds the poop sock Apr 15th
Severus Snape Apr 14th
congratulations t series Apr 11th
Shazam! Apr 12th