February 25th, 2019   Australia

Lycel has drawn 464 drawings and authored 117 captions across 581 games. They follow 13 players and have 164 followers. They've earned a total of 4,190 emotes!

Ghost Town Apr 5th, 2019
Girl With the Pearl Earring Apr 5th, 2019
C A N A D A Apr 5th, 2019
A cargo ship caught in a storm Apr 5th, 2019
Boo sans Apr 5th, 2019
Kiwi Bird covered in kiwi fruits by his dad Apr 5th, 2019
Raven questioning what Sup is. Apr 5th, 2019
Step 3: Ask yourself, what were you thinking? Apr 5th, 2019
Woman scared of hummingbird near flower Apr 5th, 2019
A celestial being paints Shrek Apr 5th, 2019
Pittoo declares his name Apr 1st, 2019
Vector from despicable me Mar 31st, 2019
Homer but with 6 legs(no torso) & as a pirate Mar 31st, 2019
Clown with a gun Mar 31st, 2019
Kid enjoys the "Best Breakfast Ever" Mar 31st, 2019
Vader grounds Luke Mar 31st, 2019
Anime guys with blond hair saying I am here Mar 31st, 2019