Boiling Potatoes

February 25th, 2019   Ɽ₳V₦ł₵₳

Boiling Potatoes has drawn 741 drawings and authored 130 captions across 871 games. They follow 267 players and have 857 followers. They've earned a total of 18,783 emotes!

Explosion of land Apr 13th
City full of sky scrapers Apr 5th
Dragon goes on a rampage Apr 3rd
Gyarados Apr 2nd
Colorful Humming Bird Apr 2nd
Chaos with top game energy Apr 2nd
Gray scale floating island city. Mar 31st
Masked people stare down Mar 29th
Towering Metropolis at twilight Mar 29th
Blue snail Mar 25th
draw_first Feb 11th, 2019
Tree on a cliff next to a waterfall in sunset Mar 21st
Girl with wings gonna jump off a building Mar 19th
cold vs hot side of pond Mar 16th
Pastel starry sunrise with visible planets Mar 15th
Ken Kaneki Mar 11th
A greyscale alley way of an apartment complex Mar 7th
screen on broken tv Mar 5th