February 25th, 2019   i have an unhealthy amount of sans drawings

retardio has drawn 167 drawings and authored 474 captions across 641 games. They follow 57 players and have 32 followers. They've earned a total of 1,481 emotes!

PIO Dec 10th
Step 5 for aquarium leaks, use your finger Nov 18th
4. Lmao Nov 13th
JoBro heaven Nov 10th
Ruth Vader Ginsburg says Yes man Nov 10th
Step 5: Find a job Nov 9th
Jojo? Has milk Nov 7th
The Venus Di-Vito Nov 7th
Thanos is judged by mr game&watch Nov 7th
Step 21: Draw a detailed Forrest Nov 6th
Step 9: Ask ghost of Gandhi for forgiveness Nov 6th
Cabbage stabs Shaggy Nov 6th
Sans says yes behind a bag of cheezits Nov 6th
v i b e c h e c k Nov 4th
Obama eating cereal Nov 3rd
step 71: fire Yellmo Nov 2nd
fisherman thinks fish are cool (cold) Nov 2nd
Joseph Joestar catches menacing goldfish Nov 2nd