February 25th, 2019

sub2pewdiepiePLS has drawn 123 drawings and authored 55 captions across 178 games. They follow 5 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 186 emotes!

Carrot creacher Jan 4th
hitler sailor moon Nov 28th, 2019
A duck drawing himself Nov 27th, 2019
two headed Olaf traumatizes Ana Nov 27th, 2019
Uwu goat portrait Nov 27th, 2019
cat is ready to kill you Nov 27th, 2019
The Lorax anime Nov 27th, 2019
A illustration that compies with COPPA Nov 27th, 2019
kirby escapes mental hospital Nov 26th, 2019
Noivern (Pokemon) Nov 26th, 2019
baby yoda became a rapper Nov 26th, 2019
Fave Ghost Pokemon PIO (Mine’s Decidueye) Nov 26th, 2019
ice cream licking person Aug 30th, 2019
Happy pride month! :D Jun 5th, 2019
Weird fish with a sword Jun 5th, 2019
The blitz is very blitzy Jun 4th, 2019
Shark eating a person with rainbow hair Jun 3rd, 2019
Pikachu has scissors May 29th, 2019