April 7th, 2012   Franklin, Indiana

Wavy has drawn 605 drawings and authored 2,319 captions across 2,924 games. They follow 2 players and have 38 followers. They've earned a total of 21,669 emotes!

Naked chaos Jan 21st
An eye pertruding out of an icecream sandwich Jan 21st
owl snake gun Jul 30th, 2018
communist strawberry Jul 29th, 2018
Purple Guy uprooting tree Jul 29th, 2018
Ganny Pootaatoo Jul 29th, 2018
The Globglogabgalab Jul 22nd, 2018
Elderly potato chip Jul 20th, 2018
Batslug Jul 20th, 2018
Childlike Farmer Jul 20th, 2018
President crossing a River Jul 19th, 2018
Godzila was made to destroy a city Jul 1st, 2018
Ninja bird at night Jun 23rd, 2018
Sherlock Holmes Baby May 21st, 2017
Revenge of the tape-worm Dec 27th, 2016
Someone stole that spider's leg! Dec 22nd, 2016
Crocodile hides in box Sep 22nd, 2016
A banana taco Dec 2nd, 2015