February 27th, 2019   Sydney Australia

Chickenuggs has drawn 316 drawings and authored 33 captions across 349 games. They follow 472 players and have 274 followers. They've earned a total of 4,279 emotes!

Cactus is a loner Mar 30th, 2019
Smurf in a Lava Lamp Mar 30th, 2019
Yellmo wearing sunglasses at the beach Mar 30th, 2019
Gru Mar 30th, 2019
Gumball Machine Mar 28th, 2019
Garfield but he is HELLA DUMMY THICC Mar 28th, 2019
Cowboy showdown Mar 13th, 2019
bob ross Mar 24th, 2019
Sun Over Ocean Mar 25th, 2019
Free Draw Mar 23rd, 2019
wolf Mar 24th, 2019
2 Chickens sing about their barn Mar 22nd, 2019
Little green men Mar 21st, 2019
Old cartoons Mar 13th, 2019
Danny Devito Snail Mar 21st, 2019
Look at my horse, my horse is amazing! Mar 22nd, 2019
Surrealism Mar 21st, 2019
Paint me like one of your French baguettes. Jan 11th, 2019