February 27th, 2019   Tamriel, Skyrim

DYNO NUGGIE has drawn 137 drawings and authored 189 captions across 326 games. They follow 129 players and have 40 followers. They've earned a total of 651 emotes!

Sonic the armadillo Sep 4th, 2020
Horse riding a man Sep 4th, 2020
doge in funny jojo anime show Sep 4th, 2020
a duck dying to homophobia Sep 4th, 2020
nasa astronaut organizing his LEGO pieces. Sep 4th, 2020
a panda rocking out to his ipod Jun 9th, 2020
a bear bartender pouring a root beer Jun 9th, 2020
sleep deprived cat Jun 8th, 2020
guy catches a rainbow in a net Jun 8th, 2020
the angry guy from inside out ate a horse Jun 5th, 2020
Weatherman Jun 5th, 2020
Werewolf Couple Jun 5th, 2020
man kills lightning creature, another sees it Jun 5th, 2020
Italian mario looking chef says "urdi gurdi" Jun 5th, 2020
A silly bow and arrow Jun 4th, 2020
Gucci Eggplant flexxin Jun 4th, 2020
Frog heist Jun 4th, 2020
elf in jail Jun 3rd, 2020