February 28th, 2019

Tempros has drawn 39 drawings and authored 61 captions across 100 games. They follow 3 players and have 0 followers. They've earned a total of 143 emotes!

cow furby wants your wallet Sep 27th, 2021
Homer Simpson as a French fry Sep 27th, 2021
Superman bakes sugar cookies Sep 26th, 2021
santa, your rent is due.. dont kill me plz Sep 26th, 2021
the drawception logo Sep 26th, 2021
Friendly Battlefield Sep 26th, 2021
Red man reads book written by a cat Sep 26th, 2021
Murderous crow spots his next target (you) Sep 26th, 2021
Dr. T gets depressed (Boom Beach) Sep 25th, 2021
The shirt’s too small for my buff statue! Sep 25th, 2021
Hollow knight styled Pikachu wins first Sep 25th, 2021
Policeman with serious bling Sep 25th, 2021
Man is disgusted at lesbians Sep 25th, 2021
squiggle star Sep 25th, 2021
Wrench the nut Sep 25th, 2021
bear just commited murder Sep 25th, 2021
Green marge with a braid is in a circumstance Sep 25th, 2021
Kenny hands a poo to a ninja Sep 25th, 2021