March 6th, 2019

Yux2314 has drawn 296 drawings and authored 90 captions across 386 games. They follow 20 players and have 13 followers. They've earned a total of 923 emotes!

D final boss Nov 11th, 2019
Tardis taking off Nov 10th, 2019
sign approves Nov 10th, 2019
A naked man running from the letter "C" Nov 10th, 2019
Mike wasowski vs Plankton Nov 10th, 2019
Caught in a snowstorm Nov 10th, 2019
Lemon bro Nov 10th, 2019
tree fishing Nov 10th, 2019
Sun shines on yellow brick road Nov 10th, 2019
Clifford the generally regular-sized red dog Nov 10th, 2019
Step two: forget how to count Sep 17th, 2019
Step 25: destroy the game Sep 16th, 2019
A Disapproving cat saying naw Sep 16th, 2019
sticky stuff inside open trash can Sep 16th, 2019
Angelic pants Sep 16th, 2019
Yellow tow truck Sep 16th, 2019
OwO Potato has a gun Sep 15th, 2019