March 7th, 2019   Over the rainbow

Equ has drawn 456 drawings and authored 171 captions across 627 games. They follow 48 players and have 70 followers. They've earned a total of 2,202 emotes!

explosion Feb 3rd
Pink was the imposter Sep 10th, 2020
cute bread cat SOO CUTE Dec 12th, 2019
Bodily Fluids on eBay, Only $200! Dec 9th, 2019
good doggo is fulfilled with it's life Dec 8th, 2019
snowy owl Oct 17th, 2019
Gradient Black to white Oct 4th, 2019
Lucario Oct 4th, 2019
Cat with multiple cat faces on its body Sep 26th, 2019
black cat close up Sep 26th, 2019
dapper penguin gives you a flower! Sep 26th, 2019
Price is 5 ducks to view this drawing Jul 21st, 2019
magnificently fancy cat Jul 21st, 2019
Victini Jul 11th, 2019
cat with glasses Jul 9th, 2019
furret trapped in the depths of hell Jul 9th, 2019
The skip button is my BFF Jul 9th, 2019
siamese in the snow Jul 9th, 2019