March 7th, 2019   Over the rainbow

Equ has drawn 456 drawings and authored 171 captions across 627 games. They follow 48 players and have 70 followers. They've earned a total of 2,202 emotes!

Enchanted night with magical koi fish Sep 1st, 2020
Angelic Seahorse Aug 30th, 2020
Great grey shrike (it's a bird) Dec 9th, 2017
A cold badger Jan 26th, 2018
Hippogriff in a dark sea Mar 21st, 2019
Emo pokemon girl Jan 29th, 2020
Garfield Jan 23rd
A girl looks at serene landscape Aug 31st, 2020
girl looking out at the ocean at sunset Aug 30th, 2020
Hollow Knight. Jun 30th, 2019
The Ideal Male Body Mar 14th, 2018
camo beta fish Aug 9th, 2017
A beautiful scene Jan 15th, 2020
Baby blue bird Aug 30th, 2020
Snowy Trees Jan 9th
Colorful bird Jan 9th
Cabin in the Snowy Woods Jan 9th
Horizon Aug 30th, 2020