March 8th, 2019

lcngyn has drawn 538 drawings and authored 443 captions across 981 games. They follow 972 players and have 170 followers. They've earned a total of 2,377 emotes!

Lance Vance dance Sep 26th, 2021
cool lobster Jun 18th, 2021
Apple grieves for his aunt Jun 18th, 2021
painting of a women in a black hijab May 15th, 2021
Electric Rug May 14th, 2021
Rock angry May 14th, 2021
bird likes water May 14th, 2021
horse girl loves her horse too much May 14th, 2021
thermometer is cold Apr 14th, 2021
yellow sheep insult each other Mar 24th, 2021
Hay farmer Feb 8th, 2021
birthday cake with a single bright candle Feb 8th, 2021
A Gross looking Muffin Wants to be Eaten Feb 8th, 2021
Hot Dog vs Shark Jul 1st, 2020
It's not easy being Goldilocks's dad Jun 29th, 2020
Armless man's stock plunges Jun 28th, 2020
Kawaii gun in the snow Jun 28th, 2020
Prisoner hates carrot Jun 27th, 2020