Crayon cruncher

March 12th, 2019

Crayon cruncher has drawn 684 drawings and authored 168 captions across 852 games. They follow 32 players and have 369 followers. They've earned a total of 7,380 emotes!

Security gaurd killd a gu n(emotional) Mar 15th
Embarrassed girl wishes you a happy birthday Mar 13th
Person in straightjacket and a cat Mar 13th
Lilo and Stitch! Mar 9th
T-Rex has a bazooka Mar 6th
step 3: decompose in your bed Mar 5th
Shrek crying bc arms r halfway down his body Mar 5th
the green m&m terrorizes a child Mar 5th
Happy lemur does a dance Feb 24th
Happy lime Feb 24th
Nest in the Desert Feb 4th
Surprised puppet with a mustache, hands up Feb 3rd
kirby letting out a sigh Feb 3rd
Pirate puffin. Feb 3rd
OC of an arcade machine Feb 3rd
Tom Nook vaccuming Feb 2nd
Kirby commits tax fraud Feb 2nd