nvm that was boring

March 28th, 2019

nvm that was boring has drawn 874 drawings and authored 276 captions across 1,150 games. They follow 238 players and have 279 followers. They've earned a total of 8,942 emotes!

Woman collects meat from the ocean Jan 17th
Celty from durarara Jan 17th
Any character from One Piece Jan 16th
green m&m steals a person's foot Jan 16th
wirt (otgw) Jan 16th
Leaving a cave for the sunlit desert Jan 16th
Woman with butterfly mask Jan 16th
man shooting fireballs out of his butt in war Jan 15th
Dark female knight Jan 14th
Where the Wild Things Are Jan 13th
Doctor Dave Strider hands out shady medicine Jan 13th
girls kissing old american pin up style Jan 13th
Front View of Phineas Jan 13th
oranje juice Jan 13th
Rick n Morty taking a nap on the sofa Jan 13th
Katara in Blue 1piece floats serenely on back Jan 13th
Skyscraper Jan 13th
C3PO arrives on Tatooine Jan 12th