nvm that was boring

March 28th, 2019

nvm that was boring has drawn 1,048 drawings and authored 299 captions across 1,347 games. They follow 429 players and have 507 followers. They've earned a total of 13,462 emotes!

Moonlit cobble path on cool, starry night Apr 6th
pearl !!!! -steven universe- Mar 28th
rose quartz from Steven Universe Mar 26th
crazy chick white hair finna beet ur cheeks Mar 24th
Floright (steven universe ) Mar 24th
You're right Jasper, I have been holding back Mar 24th
angry peridot Mar 23rd
Some Steven universe girl with green hair Mar 23rd
Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe Mar 22nd
Steven (SU) causes lightning Mar 22nd
magical girl with pink pigtails and scythe Mar 21st
Korg from Thor. Mar 7th
Cute alien cat is happy Mar 6th
Free Draw! Mar 5th
Woman Turns Into Demon Mar 5th