April 4th, 2019   colorado yeeehawwww

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Hamster Jul 22nd
best waifu, Speedwagon Apr 17th
Narancia Ghirga Apr 4th
hitoshi-san (nnsg) Apr 3rd
pickle rick (from rick and morty) with wings Apr 3rd
Doppio has a headache Apr 2nd
Eijirou Kirishima being manly Mar 14th
kakyoin lookin at u like he looks at cherries Mar 11th
D4C Mar 11th
1999 bizarre summer Mar 10th
Rohan&Jotaro sing Sono Chi No Sadame!! Mar 8th
French Star Platinum Mar 5th
star platinum reading a book to jotaro in bed Mar 4th
Spiky Ball Mar 3rd
Yet another jojo game Mar 3rd
Johnny Joestar Mar 3rd
Vriska Mar 2nd
yare yare daze gimme a burger Mar 2nd