April 4th, 2019

Tentathefrazzled has drawn 119 drawings and authored 176 captions across 295 games. They follow 10 players and have 28 followers. They've earned a total of 625 emotes!

A sea lion feeling very self confident Aug 14th
he is blue if he was green he would die Aug 14th
A well in the forest Aug 14th
Wouldn't eat that hotdog, bro Aug 14th
anime cat girl loves eating ants! Aug 14th
ant in the jar Aug 14th
splatoon squid kid cofused Oct 25th, 2019
Man is intimidated by the groovers Oct 25th, 2019
Extraordinarily happy girl with bird arms Oct 25th, 2019
Overthrow capitalism bc stuffs too expensive Oct 25th, 2019
And then there's Chunky. He's Dead Oct 24th, 2019
step 9: wait for de extinction Oct 24th, 2019
Crow on a broom is high up to the stars Oct 24th, 2019
Dulingo Bird Wants Sonic To Finish Spanish Oct 24th, 2019
k.round with any legs of your choosing Oct 24th, 2019
Step 2 Get plastic surgery to not look korean Oct 24th, 2019
vampire cries blood Oct 24th, 2019
I ain't going back to jail Oct 24th, 2019