April 23rd, 2019

Dend has drawn 57 drawings and authored 47 captions across 104 games. They follow 0 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 265 emotes!

a face with ? for eyes saying why Nov 10th, 2021
Getting into an internet fight on reddit Nov 10th, 2021
Space Nov 1st, 2021
Bird ninja admiring his reflection in a river Nov 1st, 2021
sun is just vibing during a volcano eruption Nov 1st, 2021
Kirby inhales some icecream Oct 30th, 2021
rat drowns Oct 29th, 2021
Minecraft Oct 28th, 2021
kanye west Oct 24th, 2021
Man creates a lightning storm from his eyes Oct 23rd, 2021
Oh look a pi- THAT'S NOT A PIPE. Oct 23rd, 2021
Evil emoji is behind bars Oct 23rd, 2021
Drawception icon as a pool Oct 22nd, 2021
Gingerbread Man with a candy cane Oct 22nd, 2021
Megamind acheives maximum power Oct 22nd, 2021
Nikocado Avocado doing mukbang Oct 22nd, 2021
Guy climbing Rapunzel's hair Oct 21st, 2021
a toy train punching a hole through a box Oct 21st, 2021