A Very Weird Geek

April 27th, 2019   Drawing enough Daganranpa to fill my room

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80s girl with DJs for earrings May 16th
Waifus VS Husbandos May 16th
knight battles dragon May 16th
clawdeen wolf May 16th
Old man on wheelchair says "says who?" May 16th
Skeleton cowboy May 16th
mordecai from regular show May 16th
small guy May 16th
Kokichi Ouma (DRV3) May 15th
red pants May 15th
angry cat says STAPH to hand May 15th
Ninja hiding in a tree May 15th
girl cries by cliff two guys laugh beside her May 15th
hold my censor bar Mar 1st
Hatsune Mei Dec 28th, 2019
girl with rainbow arms Dec 28th, 2019
I am favorite anime character! Dec 28th, 2019
AAAH Dec 27th, 2019