April 27th, 2019   Canada/ insta: @fern.friend

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air, fire, water, earth, list of elements Dec 23rd, 2019
kid says "im playtime" while holding a gun Dec 23rd, 2019
eat the cactus Dec 23rd, 2019
A demon with a bow tie Dec 23rd, 2019
Zim likes the new svg format Nov 20th, 2019
Davekat (homestuck) Nov 19th, 2019
Trans Rights Nov 19th, 2019
homestuck girl is Claus from Mother 3 Nov 19th, 2019
Hot Air Balloon Spaceship Nov 17th, 2019
john egbert has been stabbed Nov 17th, 2019
Wood Duck (species) Nov 8th, 2019
Jaime from myth busters and ice cream cone Nov 3rd, 2019
Guy with crazy hair and Googles shouts zim Oct 28th, 2019
Rose and Kanaya being lesbs (Homestuck) Oct 28th, 2019
The potion seller and his potion shop Oct 28th, 2019