May 3rd, 2019

HeatherTheSweater has drawn 44 drawings and authored 33 captions across 77 games. They follow 1 players and have 4 followers. They've earned a total of 174 emotes!

light blue worm monter emerging from groud Jun 10th
Fries and a shake murder someone Jun 9th
Flying Spaghetti Monster Jun 8th
sleepy laptop Jun 8th
Black eyed cat annoys fancy blue eyed guy Mar 17th
nalwal says sup Mar 17th
Cupcake couple religious sacrifice Mar 17th
Dog abuse :( Jan 22nd
Girl watching a sunset Jan 21st
I'm sorry John Jan 21st
Mystery man embraces the void with tentacles Jan 21st
Lonely V Jan 21st
Step 5:  Go on a magical adventure Jan 21st
holy Elmo Jan 21st
Garfield cancles Jon on twitter dot com Jan 21st
Edgy teenage rabbit cries Jan 21st
Purple girl with horns looking down. Jan 21st
Gossifleur Jan 21st