Admiral Craymen

May 4th, 2019   United States

Admiral Craymen has drawn 1,225 drawings and authored 1,266 captions across 2,491 games. They follow 3 players and have 27 followers. They've earned a total of 4,235 emotes!

Fierce dragon Dec 12th, 2021
#1 Phone Dec 12th, 2021
Small crispy food thing writing a book Dec 11th, 2021
Every NFT ever (they suck) Dec 10th, 2021
gold fish regrets life Dec 10th, 2021
"There's a boot in my snake!" Dec 10th, 2021
Butterfly says 'Fiy' to the Sun Dec 9th, 2021
ring with arm and leg find jewel. chest Dec 9th, 2021
Green thinking chair Dec 9th, 2021
Step 87: walk out the door Dec 6th, 2021
mothman Dec 5th, 2021
Robot shooting laser at green guy Dec 5th, 2021
Archipelago and cardinal points Dec 4th, 2021
Snake that's a ghost! Ghost that's a snake! Dec 4th, 2021
Forkception! Dec 3rd, 2021
Spaghetti-armed black cat waves at you. Dec 3rd, 2021
dude at the party Dec 3rd, 2021
Meowth is a hotdog. Dec 3rd, 2021