May 6th, 2019   i like building brown bricks in minecraft

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duck song (shrek ver. w/ waffles) Jul 10th
Joergen is ded ;-; Jul 11th
This is the taste... OF A LIAR!! Jul 11th
step 1: become a pokémon trainer Jul 11th
Police Officer digging into Quicksand Jul 11th
Biplane about to swoop Cary Grant Jul 11th
Some random pokemon with a pumpkin mask Jul 11th
Ode to sleep Jul 11th
DeD Etika Jun 29th
Good-bye, JoyCon Boi Jun 28th
A four eyed demon in a field Jul 10th
Creeper?? Awww maaaan... Jul 6th
Rip Jorgen Jul 6th
A terrible drawing. Like seriously awful. Jul 6th
The correct orientation of toilet paper Jul 6th
The flying island of Laputa Jul 6th
General Jul 6th
The promised neverland Jul 3rd