May 13th, 2019   I comment a lot and one time drew an ok thing

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A really big Carl Weezer Dec 10th
Step 11:Just stop time and kill Kira to endit Nov 13th
barney yelling "YEE" Oct 31st
Kirby with his face missing, sadly. Oct 31st
Step 3: Use your new powers to gain even more Oct 30th
Cute pikachu offers you a flower Oct 30th
Threatening Japanese Letter Oct 29th
Man Jumps upon unsuspecting victims Oct 29th
Green-haired guy wants 'ultra' Oct 29th
Tequila Joseph Oct 29th
do u kno da wae Oct 29th
Spooky french sphee stabs a obese man withgun Oct 28th
Can with "bP" on is is sweet Oct 28th
The tenth doctor Oct 25th
Climate change is okay Oct 16th
Thomas the tank, pushes a man off a building Aug 22nd
Dio is a crusty vampire Aug 12th
never gonna make you cry Aug 12th