May 29th, 2019

EEEEer has drawn 278 drawings and authored 223 captions across 501 games. They follow 5 players and have 25 followers. They've earned a total of 1,057 emotes!

Karkat and dave are disappointed in you Nov 15th, 2021
beast boy from teen titans Nov 15th, 2021
gamzee makara (homestuck) Nov 15th, 2021
ivy wins against batman and robin Nov 14th, 2021
eminem as a dog is dissing batman Sep 18th, 2021
Girl and boy falling in love Sep 14th, 2021
techno support Sep 11th, 2021
woman but green, not the skin Sep 10th, 2021
Detective Pikachu Sep 8th, 2021
A bat dressed in Batman costume Sep 8th, 2021
Three stick figs say a dirty word Sep 8th, 2021
Man makes the mistake of asking who Joe is Sep 8th, 2021
robean Sep 8th, 2021
pikachu is SHOCKED Sep 7th, 2021
Painting blue paint on your test Sep 4th, 2021
Devil in suit smoking Sep 2nd, 2021
girl in cinderella gown Sep 2nd, 2021
Robot with a big fly swatter. Sep 2nd, 2021