June 2nd, 2019

hyperh0 has drawn 164 drawings and authored 76 captions across 240 games. They follow 3 players and have 3 followers. They've earned a total of 394 emotes!

Awesome Chimera Feb 15th, 2021
VR game asks if you want to leave Mar 20th, 2020
Lifealert Mar 20th, 2020
red glasses covered by hands, bow and pimples Mar 20th, 2020
Step 20: Pee everywhere anyway! Mar 20th, 2020
man shocked that some ginger idiot said "pee" Mar 20th, 2020
broom cleaning man Mar 20th, 2020
Sad bird can't catch a fish Mar 20th, 2020
T. rex with human girl’s head Mar 20th, 2020
I'll call you....Nemo....:,,( Mar 20th, 2020
Thinking Monkey Mar 19th, 2020
Allergies Mar 19th, 2020
an eye Mar 19th, 2020
vibe check Mar 19th, 2020
Ant puts up a sign saying bud Mar 19th, 2020
SNAKE OF FIRE Mar 19th, 2020
sunny drawing on a desk Mar 19th, 2020
Crackhead dog Mar 19th, 2020