June 5th, 2019   hi I'm still alive, I think.

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City streets at night Apr 8th, 2020
Tranquil cherry tree sunset Mar 30th, 2020
A volcano erupts as a meteor falls on hell Mar 6th, 2020
forset Mar 1st, 2020
Nighttime over a bridge Feb 23rd, 2020
Worn City in the Mouth of a Great Cave Feb 18th, 2020
Hot air balloon Feb 15th, 2020
Supernova seen from above earth Feb 15th, 2020
Dark Side of the Moon Jan 31st, 2020
Blue fox with red eyes Jan 31st, 2020
Person in hoodie pushes away something walkin Jan 28th, 2020
dark sillouette stares blankly at sunset Jan 23rd, 2020
Barn on a shore next to a sea of blood Jan 21st, 2020
Lightning ghost burns down cabin Jan 19th, 2020
She watched the phoenix ignite in the forest Dec 27th, 2019
Winter forest. Dec 23rd, 2019
Girl in winter Dec 20th, 2019
Path through a thin forest Dec 18th, 2019