June 11th, 2019

LinkyChan has drawn 170 drawings and authored 87 captions across 257 games. They follow 2 players and have 7 followers. They've earned a total of 865 emotes!

A small robot getting mocked. Feb 22nd
Red and blue stripes Mar 4th, 2020
Chicken decapitating man with an axe Mar 3rd, 2020
The New Show: Poo with (blushing) Jazza Feb 24th, 2020
Praying Mantis Feb 24th, 2020
Cursed minecraft image Feb 24th, 2020
Kokichi Oma Nov 5th, 2019
emo donut Nov 5th, 2019
Starfish about to commit murder Nov 5th, 2019
Inkay Nov 5th, 2019
Dory Jul 24th, 2019
the alphabet but it's reverse Jul 24th, 2019
Raiding Area 51 in 2019. (colorized) Jul 23rd, 2019
alien doing a split Jul 23rd, 2019
Evil black snake Jul 23rd, 2019
Bird flying through the sunny day Jul 23rd, 2019
Car parked under a moonlit sky Jul 19th, 2019
graffiti of 45 Jul 18th, 2019