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saltypunch has drawn 1,340 drawings and authored 439 captions across 1,779 games. They follow 1,434 players and have 484 followers. They've earned a total of 10,078 emotes!

Tf2 heavy with slicked back silver hair Jul 9th
Deer barista bored by his job. Jul 4th
Monkey holding a big shiny lava ball Jul 3rd
Vegeta Jul 3rd
Beware of falling tables! Jul 3rd
lava eevee drawn with j's Jun 30th
Teddy bear goes to heaven Jun 30th
Donald Trump Jun 23rd
Evil black monkeys Jun 23rd
muscular humanoid with bird head Jun 22nd
Ladybug is about to eat a snail Jun 22nd
Eggplant king May 29th
agar io May 29th
spider bites a person's lips May 27th
mario sticker May 27th
Bruno Bucciarati points at pregnant you May 22nd
Cooking basketball eggs Apr 25th
Dark seagull eats eyeballs Apr 25th