June 27th, 2019

Max98 has drawn 194 drawings and authored 85 captions across 279 games. They follow 7 players and have 7 followers. They've earned a total of 497 emotes!

Close up of pan on a fire Mar 14th, 2021
Fred going mountain climbing Mar 13th, 2021
british guard guy stares at you Jan 15th, 2021
Goldfish on a broom pretending to be a witch Jan 15th, 2021
the election is in ten days and im stressed Oct 25th, 2020
Octopus Janitor Oct 20th, 2020
round rooster Oct 17th, 2020
Going skiing Oct 6th, 2020
spoopy zombie boi by a ded tree at night Oct 3rd, 2020
child of shrek and yoda Sep 30th, 2020
totally not a virus link Sep 30th, 2020
Gingerbread Woman with Candy Cane in Blizzard Sep 30th, 2020
bee hive Sep 30th, 2020
Reality u derp, expectations you're cute Sep 30th, 2020
two clocks look at a cute sun Sep 30th, 2020
jeans are just trash for ur legs Sep 30th, 2020
person walking over rocks Sep 30th, 2020
Pet Sofa Sep 28th, 2020