June 28th, 2019

Bandas21 has drawn 77 drawings and authored 54 captions across 131 games. They follow 13 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 127 emotes!

chicken dives into ocean Jul 28th, 2019
Giraffe off on LSD Jul 26th, 2019
Kangaroo eating a hotdog Jul 21st, 2019
Pea pod in a storm Jul 20th, 2019
pride month be like Jul 19th, 2019
Exiting area 51 with your new alien bestie Jul 16th, 2019
squirrel eating an acorn Jul 13th, 2019
pink fluffy guy plays guitar and sings Jul 13th, 2019
depressed fish bringing the mood down Jul 13th, 2019
Granny’s apple Jul 13th, 2019
A beaver is proud of the dam he built Jul 11th, 2019
Sad envelope Jul 11th, 2019
Blue bunny with wings and antlers Jul 11th, 2019
Guy taking ecstasy. Jul 9th, 2019
guy pointing out loss Jul 9th, 2019
a guys saying peace and love (might be hippe) Jul 9th, 2019
Journey Jul 9th, 2019
bald sailor moon (I hate myself for you) Jul 9th, 2019