July 8th, 2019

golittlerecordgo has drawn 39 drawings and authored 189 captions across 228 games. They follow 1 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 331 emotes!

Banana queue Mar 24th, 2022
make this the most confusing drawception game Feb 23rd, 2022
"Club Penguin is kil" "no" Feb 1st, 2022
Cane toad Jan 24th, 2022
William ShakesBear Jan 24th, 2022
Send a Christmas gift to panel 24 (you are 2) Jan 17th, 2022
Adorable Ghost Family Jan 3rd, 2022
Robot designing another robot Dec 26th, 2021
two puppies sleeping in a shoe Dec 27th, 2021
Crocodile Dec 16th, 2021
Crab wearing a Coat Dec 16th, 2021
Goat with a katana Dec 16th, 2021
Butterfly wearing Pants Dec 16th, 2021
Happy Whale Dec 17th, 2021
Goblin in Space Dec 17th, 2021
Crow on a Table Dec 17th, 2021
Battery Dec 17th, 2021
Tan catgirl wants to eat turkey Dec 18th, 2021