July 10th, 2019

Kirex has drawn 184 drawings and authored 22 captions across 206 games. They follow 1 players and have 17 followers. They've earned a total of 941 emotes!

Eyes Jan 10th
Minimalist Night Sky peeks through Canyon Jan 10th
pirate parrot Jan 10th
Cute gray bunny Jan 10th
Racoon jus chillin Jan 10th
peter griffin Jan 10th
Bear is frying an egg Jan 10th
Whale jumping on the sea in the sunset Jan 10th
red car with wings Jan 10th
mouse having a good time Jan 10th
Blushing Blonde Girl Jan 9th
Girl plays with toy car Jan 9th
not suspicious present Jan 9th
Gloomy moonlight over snowy mountains Jan 9th
Woman with eyes closed & hair for days Jan 8th
draw the best landscape you can Jan 8th
Truck gets stuck on a rock Jan 8th
girl hugs tree Dec 31st, 2019