August 8th, 2019

TheVioletLion has drawn 318 drawings and authored 237 captions across 555 games. They follow 61 players and have 22 followers. They've earned a total of 1,395 emotes!

Basic Sailfish Jan 13th
Kawaii gelatinous cube Jan 13th
Wolf in flames Jan 13th
Spider woman bride says I Do. Jan 13th
Elephant heartbroken by Deep Sea Submarine Jan 10th
Among us fish Jan 10th
oven on fire Jan 10th
Moth in the Desert Jan 10th
Step 9: Stick with an aesthetic and commit Jan 9th
Giraffe takes clean clothes while being hang. Oct 15th, 2020
Guy at the beach gets shot Oct 14th, 2020
Drawasaurus D is infected with Covid Oct 14th, 2020
car crash because of malfunctioning brakes :( Oct 14th, 2020
Grandmother from the Future Sep 19th, 2020
Rock woman with a beard Sep 18th, 2020
Mr Potato Head just shot your mum Sep 18th, 2020
Red Cat Says "Save the Turtles" Sep 18th, 2020
Paper Baby cries Sep 18th, 2020