Gregor Samsa

August 10th, 2019

Gregor Samsa has drawn 304 drawings and authored 26 captions across 330 games. They follow 23 players and have 309 followers. They've earned a total of 7,089 emotes!

Thomas Jefferson Jan 15th
Handsome Squidward + Bugs Bunny Jan 3rd
Sad elderly tree. Jan 3rd
one brown cockroach Jan 3rd
why not zoid-calvin? Dec 31st, 2019
Happy new year Dec 27th, 2019
4-armed chain-muncher Dec 27th, 2019
Hey Vsauce! Micheal here Dec 27th, 2019
Donald Duck stabs a Nun Dec 27th, 2019
Green, blob-like, sleep paralysis demon Dec 26th, 2019
Waluigi but with handsome Squidward's face Dec 6th, 2019
A mix between Zoidberg and Shrek Dec 4th, 2019
Die Bart die Dec 3rd, 2019
Danny WaluViTo Dec 2nd, 2019
drawception d tells blue box to get out Nov 30th, 2019
sonic movie is terrifying Nov 30th, 2019
Genie Shrek Nov 29th, 2019
Panda close up Nov 29th, 2019