August 11th, 2019

Jones242 has drawn 406 drawings and authored 383 captions across 789 games. They follow 2 players and have 3 followers. They've earned a total of 1,086 emotes!

Lightbulb on meth next to a leg Oct 14th, 2021
deflated corpse lying on ground, called gross Oct 14th, 2021
ladybug is depressed Oct 13th, 2021
Cupid with pink bow and arrow Oct 13th, 2021
don't make me open this can o' whoop ass Oct 10th, 2021
An alien creation story Oct 9th, 2021
White cat has a stinky, fluffy tail Sep 15th, 2021
dont talk about fight club Sep 8th, 2021
pigeon gun Sep 8th, 2021
gay volcano!!! Sep 8th, 2021
A holy christian eggplant Jun 24th, 2021
man w laser beam eyes Jun 23rd, 2021
Old man gets hanged, purple dude flips Jun 23rd, 2021
super old woman faces the wind Jun 22nd, 2021
Wizard rockstar guitarist Jun 22nd, 2021
moon and earth couple Jun 22nd, 2021
Wha- the Greeks built a temple on the moon? Jun 22nd, 2021
Drunk Battlefield Apr 2nd, 2021