August 11th, 2019

Jones242 has drawn 245 drawings and authored 179 captions across 424 games. They follow 2 players and have 3 followers. They've earned a total of 589 emotes!

Squirrels In My Pants Apr 13th
Cave man with some poop Feb 19th
Volcano spewing out chicken nuggets Feb 19th
Naked boys say "More effort" to girl swimming Feb 19th
Guy chillin, or possibly pooping on a taco Nov 12th, 2019
Nuclear Explosion Oct 25th, 2019
dammit I got rickrolled again :( Oct 24th, 2019
Bruce Lee Oct 5th, 2019
Person is instructed to pet a street cat Oct 4th, 2019
SHH, or the police will hear us Oct 4th, 2019
coffee car Oct 4th, 2019
a scary ghost gives me advises Oct 4th, 2019
crush Oct 4th, 2019
Uppercase A can run faster than lowercase a. Oct 3rd, 2019
Dead People on the road. Oct 2nd, 2019
Deranged man covered in blood say it ketchup Oct 2nd, 2019
Outline of a murder victim Oct 2nd, 2019
Guy lies down on airplane runway! Oct 2nd, 2019