August 19th, 2019   Space Probably

CelestialMeister has drawn 195 drawings and authored 77 captions across 272 games. They follow 8 players and have 18 followers. They've earned a total of 1,006 emotes!

(II-//) Nov 4th, 2019
Dragon Nov 4th, 2019
Red Parrot Nov 4th, 2019
Jade Harley (Homestuck) Oct 19th, 2019
Sans yawns Oct 18th, 2019
A very blue squid on a light blue background Oct 18th, 2019
Midna from Zelda Oct 15th, 2019
Gray Haired Boy does a blep Oct 14th, 2019
it's pizza time. Oct 14th, 2019
Windows xp logo Oct 14th, 2019
Bee vs fairy Oct 14th, 2019
disgusted witch Oct 4th, 2019
Platypus bird trying to decide which cloud Oct 4th, 2019
Emo girl Oct 4th, 2019
Congrats on 700 emotes! Oct 3rd, 2019
Garnet (SU)
Oct 2nd, 2019
Weeb Human Sans talking about Shrek Rights Oct 2nd, 2019