Nintendo fan child

September 5th, 2019

Nintendo fan child has drawn 186 drawings and authored 202 captions across 388 games. They follow 25 players and have 26 followers. They've earned a total of 832 emotes!

Kazuichi Souda
Nov 24th, 2020
Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa) Nov 24th, 2020
time vs temp Nov 24th, 2020
gamer mistakes engagement ring for powerup Nov 24th, 2020
sailor moon gets angry Nov 24th, 2020
Loony Toons signoff Nov 24th, 2020
Audino with Sparkly Anime Eyes Nov 23rd, 2020
Megurine Luka Nov 22nd, 2020
Kokichi Ouma
Nov 22nd, 2020
Fox at the beach
Nov 22nd, 2020
Kuromi & My Melody swap hoods Nov 20th, 2020
late girl only has underwar and a shirt Nov 19th, 2020
Midna riding Wolf Link Nov 19th, 2020