September 25th, 2019

JaneAustenFan has drawn 29 drawings and authored 10 captions across 39 games. They follow 3 players and have 4 followers. They've earned a total of 44 emotes!

venti in the moon Sep 5th
Catching a Book Sep 5th
Kid calls P5R garbage Sep 5th
I invent time travel, you invent a lightbulb Sep 4th
Kirby's bike broke  :-( Sep 4th
dude hates capitalism, bee movie transcript Sep 4th
red n white birds shaking wings on black bg Sep 4th
Stick man assaults bodybuilder Sep 3rd
the flag of music nation Sep 3rd
surprised mug with a clock on it Sep 3rd
man runs from snake Jun 22nd, 2020
Sleepy Anteater Jun 13th, 2020
Eeyore looks mildly happy Jun 13th, 2020
Batman rocks yellow boxing gloves Jun 12th, 2020
Gooey Toy Jun 11th, 2020
Blue Spinel with a flaming umbrella on head Jun 10th, 2020
Illegal Spaghetti Jan 15th, 2020
peppa pig police officer protecting prisonor Jan 15th, 2020