bruh gamer time

October 29th, 2019   a society

bruh gamer time has drawn 202 drawings and authored 416 captions across 618 games. They follow 28 players and have 14 followers. They've earned a total of 832 emotes!

Oxception Jul 24th
demogorgon Jul 17th
octopus chases kermit Feb 9th
Green Pikasaur has boneitis Feb 8th
TF2 soldier crits Medic Feb 8th
Thicc monokuma Feb 8th
Goose gets an invite to smash Feb 7th
Deer Feb 5th
toe mater and lightning mcqueen Feb 5th
is this a (pog)? butterfly meme Feb 5th
pink worm in love with batman Feb 5th
Big Chungus teaches you about Religion Feb 5th
A nice drawing of eggman Feb 5th
Minnow punches Buffalo Feb 4th
catgirl tells joke Feb 4th
rhinoceros beetle Feb 4th
Hippo views a statue Feb 4th
L-Shaped Llama Finds Treasure Feb 4th