November 30th, 2019

apotasu has drawn 36 drawings and authored 160 captions across 196 games. They follow 0 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 251 emotes!

Stickman and his Turtle Sep 4th, 2020
A cat lives in a yellow submarine Sep 4th, 2020
a dirt ball with mouth explodes Sep 4th, 2020
Hidden duck Sep 4th, 2020
Lego man stealing the T in Lego CiTy Mar 7th, 2020
Yellow Duck on sail boat saying UwU Feb 18th, 2020
A man has fallen into the river in Lego City! Feb 4th, 2020
ninja streams himself getting eaten Feb 4th, 2020
Frog man with poop on head plus headphones Feb 3rd, 2020
girl in a red skirt is lost Feb 3rd, 2020
Kirby cat Feb 3rd, 2020
Dorito chip with cat face Feb 3rd, 2020
Sonic Wants H a m b e r g u r Feb 3rd, 2020
lonely cat Feb 3rd, 2020
jimmy neutron Feb 3rd, 2020
Cursed Astolfo Bean Plushie Feb 2nd, 2020
Sad knight Feb 2nd, 2020
No Time! Vibe Check. Feb 2nd, 2020