December 5th, 2019   Magrathea

Angelita has drawn 2,166 drawings and authored 931 captions across 3,097 games. They follow 14 players and have 57 followers. They've earned a total of 7,608 emotes!

Antropomorphic Thomas the train Nov 30th
Snowman on a cold winter night Nov 30th
Jupiter is mad at Saturn Nov 29th
worlds biggestest snowman Nov 29th
Lizard guy Nov 29th
Apple shoots at Pear with a gun. Nov 29th
guy knocks out someone with a giant torch Nov 28th
flower people and queen Nov 28th
France threatens Italy. Nov 28th
office bear drinking coffee Nov 28th
star vs forces of evil character Nov 27th
Batman + cat + stingray = a kite Nov 26th
evil 42 goes to heaven Nov 26th
A drawception duck Nov 23rd
worm singing love song before it dies on moon Nov 23rd
Red-haired, humanoid mouse family Nov 22nd
simba from lion king is confused Nov 22nd
Coffee in a Storm Nov 22nd