December 8th, 2019   Philippines

MavCrafter7 has drawn 1,213 drawings and authored 2,890 captions across 4,103 games. They follow 31 players and have 30 followers. They've earned a total of 5,512 emotes!

Music notes Oct 3rd
Mine Turtle on an alien Oct 2nd
Country Roads, Take Me Home Oct 2nd
pathetic stickman Sep 29th
A round house Sep 29th
Confusion: Am I am emoji? A planet? A ghost? Sep 28th
Potassium Sep 28th
Bears try to love but claws get in the way Sep 28th
Broccoli vs Octopus (WHO WILL WIN?) Sep 28th
samsung tv Sep 5th
vase with flowers Sep 5th
Watering can Aug 3rd
A mermaid with green tail says is what I am Aug 3rd
bacon Aug 2nd
Jollybee except WHAT THE EVERLOVING F26CK Aug 1st
A-Bomb test Aug 1st
Seal is big Jul 19th
Ketchup and Mustard on the shelf Jul 19th