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plunk has drawn 447 drawings and authored 206 captions across 653 games. They follow 15 players and have 89 followers. They've earned a total of 2,856 emotes!

men on 4chan be like: Mar 28th
objects in jello Mar 28th
About to run the old man over. Mar 28th
That girl's diary entry is delusional. Mar 27th
Mouse with lungs hanging out in the sun Mar 27th
Abstract art about making babies Mar 27th
mcyt Mar 13th
Girl comforts sad boy at bus stop Mar 11th
Yami Yugi.. with "yellow" hair Mar 11th
James charles in black and white Mar 10th
Buff Princess Daisy Aug 5th, 2020
sword fight Aug 5th, 2020
Girl pooping in rain Aug 4th, 2020
man insults mime says mime looks like tomato Jun 1st, 2020
Satanic ritual that’s not very satanic Jun 1st, 2020
T rex Vibing May 27th, 2020
French man mad at bad bread May 24th, 2020
Rabid Rebel Rubber Robot Rabbit Rabbi May 23rd, 2020