December 10th, 2019

Bluerunner12 has drawn 142 drawings and authored 161 captions across 303 games. They follow 9 players and have 8 followers. They've earned a total of 612 emotes!

Sentient Sandbag (Drawcetioner) Jan 22nd, 2021
little bear and emily Jan 21st, 2021
Duck eats darth vader’s cape Jan 20th, 2021
THE KNIGHT (hollow knight) Jan 20th, 2021
Abraham Lincoln jumping over the moon Jan 20th, 2021
Rooster Jan 20th, 2021
Silly Snail Jan 20th, 2021
lofi girl Feb 21st, 2020
My ex-wife still misses me... Feb 20th, 2020
The best video game ever created Feb 10th, 2020
free draw Feb 11th, 2020
Someone you’re secretly in love with Feb 10th, 2020
Cuphead Feb 10th, 2020
Hornet (Hollow Knight) Feb 10th, 2020
Hornet (Hollow Knight) Feb 10th, 2020
Pansear running after valentines letter Feb 9th, 2020
hornet (hollow knight) Feb 8th, 2020
page could not load dino game Feb 6th, 2020