January 23rd, 2020

Silver24 has drawn 227 drawings and authored 193 captions across 420 games. They follow 75 players and have 36 followers. They've earned a total of 1,281 emotes!

Reeling in a Letter Jun 18th, 2020
Swimming with a Cup Jun 19th, 2020
Person sitting by a huge rock Jun 19th, 2020
Draw Nagito Komaeda or Junko Enoshima Apr 5th, 2020
Isabelle with a "I woke up like this" T-shirt Apr 6th, 2020
Shoto Todoroki (BNHA) Feb 24th, 2020
jesus is in smash bros Feb 25th, 2020
Swagger Jotaro Feb 25th, 2020
Flick (Animal Crossing New Horizons) Feb 24th, 2020
Naruto team 7 Feb 24th, 2020
Kahoot Feb 23rd, 2020
Tom Nook for President Feb 23rd, 2020
Little Mermaid meets Lovecraft Feb 22nd, 2020
Every YouTube thumbnail Feb 22nd, 2020
Captain Phasma burns down a village Feb 9th, 2020
Tanjiro Kamado Feb 22nd, 2020
plague doctor Feb 23rd, 2020
man says "no derailing" Dec 12th, 2019